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About Us

When we launched the Chosen Heritage Funeral Plan back in 1985 it was the first plan to be offered in the UK. Over 100,000 people purchased a plan between 1985 and 1995, making it the most popular funeral plan on the market at the time. Chosen Heritage is one of the funeral plans that is looked after and managed by Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited, the UK’s leading funeral plan provider and the same company that sold them originally.

Over the years the company has changed its name, from Chosen Heritage Limited in the 1980s to Funeral Plans Limited in 1995. In 2001 we changed our name to Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited and started trading as Dignity Caring Funeral Services, a name we felt better reflected what we do as a business.

All monies paid for Chosen Heritage Funeral Plans were paid in to the National Funeral Trust, an independent Trust Fund set up in 1986. The money in the Trust is carefully invested to ensure there are enough funds to cover all funeral plan holders’ funerals in the future. The Trust is audited annually and a copy of the Trust Fund Report is available free of charge on request - Click Here To View The Full Trust Fund Report

To date over 520,000 people have seen the benefits of having a funeral plan with Dignity. We have a network of over 1,100 funeral directors throughout the UK, who are either owned or approved by Dignity.

Dignity continually surveys customers and in the last year we know that over 99% of our customers said that we met or exceeded their expectations. So you can be sure that your plan with Dignity will make a difficult time much easier for your loved ones.